IT Support from Right Click Technology just got a whole lot easier! We are excited to introduce our latest software innovation – ITSupportPanel.

Introducing ITSupportPanel | Find the ‘IT’ Button


What is ITSupportPanel?

ITSupportPanel is an app on your desktop designed to make IT Support much easier. You can find our software by looking for the green ‘IT’ button in your task tray and on your desktop. ITSupportPanel will give you much easier access to log a support ticket, access other support systems, read news and access your Apps.


Why should you use ITSupportPanel?

  • Easier To Use
    We recommend using ITSupportPanel because it’s easy to find and use.
  • Faster Than Email
    ITSupportPanel is a better alternative to email because your IT ticket will be submitted directly to our support system!
  • Access Your Apps
    To make finding your business applications easier, we have also put them in ITSupportPanel.

How to Use ITSupportPanel | Quick Training


ITSupportPanel is very simple to use. Here are our quick instructions:

1. Find the green IT button on your desktop or task tray (near your clock).
2. Double click the IT button.
3. Click the ‘Log Ticket’ button on ITSupportPanel.
4. Fill in the quick, easy form.
5. Click the orange ‘Log Ticket’ button.